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The McMaster Mars Rover provides students with the opportunity to become the next generation of leaders, scientists, and innovators in the aerospace industry. The McMaster Mars Rover team brings together passionate McMaster students from all faculties who share interest in space and space technologies. Our interdisciplinary approach will allow students to participate in the design and construction of a functional Mars Rover, that will compete in international competitions. This team will empower students who aspire to enter the aerospace industry by providing them with a setting which will foster the development of their technical and leadership skills. Above all else, the McMaster Mars Rover team hopes to contribute towards the advancement of technology in space exploration.

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Ontario Rover Rally

The Ontario Rover Rally (ORR) is a scale Mars technology competitive showcase. The primary objective of the ORR is to provide teams in Ontario and surrounding jurisdictions the opportunity to participate in a challenge regardless of the technical status of the team.

Secondary goals include permitting teams to test experimental designs in a comparatively low risk environment, catalyzing connections between team members from diverse backgrounds, and fostering a love of space technology.

The ORR is an arms-length division of the McMaster Mars Rover Team, organized with mentorship from the McMaster Engineering Society and Faculty of Engineering, the Canadian Mars Society, and the Canadian Space Technology Advancement Group.

The Ontario Rover Rally comprises three challenges: The Rover Challenge, the Design Challenge, and the Science Challenge. Teams may register for individual challenges or all three, and no prior experience is needed to participate.

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