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The McMaster Mars Rover Team will bring together McMaster students with an interest in space and space technologies to gain real world experience while solving a technical problem. It will also allow students at McMaster and in the local community to participate in the design and construction of a functional Mars Rover, created to compete in international competitions. Furthermore, provide networking opportunities to members and non-member McMaster students for entry into the aerospace field.

We are always looking for new curious, passionate, and hard-working members. But you might be asking yourself, how exactly can I join this team?

The General Membership, Team Lead, and VP External Application Forms will be open from June 3rd, 2020 until July 3rd, 2020.

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Application Process

  1. Apply to your desired position using the correct google form.
  2. We will be reaching out to successful candidates to setup an online interview.
  3. After carefully reviewing the applications we will be happy to introduce selected candidates to the team.

Administrative Positions

VP External

Reach out to companies and sponsors as an official team representative

Use social media such as facebook and instagram to maintain the club’s appearance.

Network and build strong relationships with companies and faculty

Create and update sponsorship packages to gather support for club operations.

Team Lead (Software & Mechanical)

Responsible for setting project deadlines and managing team members

Work side-by-side team members on the technical design and implementation of systems.

Discuss current and future objectives with the Vice President and President

Ensure proper documentation of past and present projects including a bill of materials.

General Positions


Create and design a software architecture from scratch using ROS to interface with hardware such as the Jetson TX2, Kinect and LoRa modules for data analysis and communication.

Perform robotic simulations in ROS to model and predict the performance of the rover in different conditions.

Incorporate computer vision to implement SLAM for autonomous navigation to traverse unknown areas and use machine learning to traverse over difficult objects and to identify and pick up different kinds of objects.


Be responsible for the CAD of the rover’s chassis, wheels, and robotic manipulator, ensuring the rover has met all the design constraints by performing FEA and simulations.

Create professional and detailed CAD drawings to give to machining companies and work with their engineers.

Understand the manufacturing design process to create parts in-house and work with outside engineers to manufacture the rover.


Calculate power draw and design a battery system capable for powering multiples systems onboard the rover.

Understand the safety and design of these systems to adhere to competition regulations and be capable of being powered on Mars.


Analyze the chemical contents of the soil sample to determine if the area meets the metrics for habitation and scientific study.

Creating detailed and professional lab reports showing their findings.

Work with chemicals that would theoretically be able to be transported to Mars.

Where Are We?

1280 Main Street West,

Hamilton, Ontario

L8S 4L8